It’s really extremely simple, and a good little netbook. Apply changes and restart. You will need to logout of your desktop or reboot before the new drivers take effect. The for example isn’t supported yet! Found, lucky, the Ralink website. Compaq Mini EO Works extremely well, almost everything works out of the box and as intended even special keys incl. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation.

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This is supposedly most of the same hardware from the Acer Aspire One. Used to be recognized as a mouse in Lucid so that no touchpad configurations where available.

Overall Status

Needed to install a compiler by downloading and installing a large number wwireless. The key reasons for differentiating the models is that on the wired networking can be an issue, and the card reader is hotpluggable.

Works with non-free firmware. Might have to go the ndiswrapper route. I’ll try to figure out what specific package broke things when it was updated. The proprietary driver seems to work better than fwcutter. Have you try Boot Repair help.

The freezes are random, no errors in the logs, and the only way to recover is to press hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless hold the power button. You will need to install a custom kernel module from the linux-hybrid-graphics project for your current kernel.


Auto detected native resolution but massive lag when moving around the menus, youtube p video plays 1 frame a second 2100 fine audio.

And for additional driver, just search for Hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless Sources on your Dash, click additional driver tab. Also a so called “Optimus” Mode meaning both chips are available via lspci is available but the “Hot-Switching” between both chips is currently not possible. Connectivity successful in the pre-packaged Windows 7 Starter Edition. Oscar Kuo’s link above contains a tip for dealing with this by setting Firefox’s wirfless. After installing the Penmount driver, the sound rocker will stop working.

The media card slot work perfectly too.

Web Cam not functional. I tried booting to stock and updated kernels with various combinations of acpi and apic flags but to no avail. System76 Starling Netbook Not sure what hardware this branded netbook is www. To get the internal microphone to work you need to install PulseAudio Volume Control pavc.

Multi touch pad doesn’t work out of the box. Webcam VU Webcam is This worked for me: After booting, login and call grub-mkconfig in hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless terminal with root rights, xterm for example.

Most devices like graphics, wireless, sound, etc.

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Audio jack wirelese not work. I noticed that it helps a bit to disable the touchpad during typing xfce-settings, mouse and touchpad, hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless, touchpad, there is a checkbox for thishowever I was not that satisfied, so I created a script toggletouchpad: You can however run a second wireless card or any other miniPCI-E card in this slot. Be advised that BIOS version 1. Lucid Lynx On Lucid all major functions work well once the proprietary wireless driver is installed automatically detected.

This is a minimal problem and the netbooks touchpad is positioned perfectly hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless your hands don’t touch the touchpad while typing.

Broadcom wi-fi on LINUX (ex. Ubuntu) for Mini [FIX] – HP Support Forum –

Other than WWW launch button. Acoustic feedback between mic and speaker makes using Skype difficult. Only the mute LED is always on, but you hear sounds and you can mute it The nVidia hardware should be listed in the hardware drivers control panel.